Eat My Art - New Print Editions

I’ve recently been working on some new drawings with a mind to developing existing prints into a themed series of works.

The limited edition screen print, ‘Eat My Art’ proved to be a popular print at the recent Manchester Print Fair and I’d already been playing around with further imagery based around the ‘Eat My Art’ slogan. The original image was a play upon vintage fast food adverts (particularly American ads of the forties and fifties) and I liked the idea of developing alternative brands, logos and characters around the same theme and turning it into a recurring motif.

I wanted the images to retain a slightly retro feel to them and I’m particularly attracted to signifying colours employed by fast food advertising (I’m thinking of the reds, browns and yellows of popcorn and hotdog vendors and the pastel shades of fifties American diners).  Beginning with the popcorn motif, I did some drawings of young children wearing oversized, fast food costumes. The crying child I’ve used is something of a recurring motif in itself, as it seems to have the right mix of humour and pathos when placed in the right context. I’d previously done a number of drawings on this theme, with only one image being developed into a final print but I wanted to use it within the context of a brand image, undermining the superficial ‘positive’ message of a traditional brand.

When I’d settled on a final image I inked my drawing and played with background text and imagery in Photoshop. I’ve used a ‘diner’ theme in my choice of font and for the colour combinations I played around with some ‘popcorn’ browns and yellows. I may experiment further with the colours, depending on the type of print - I’d like to see this as both a screen print and a risograph - as well as trying out some different paper stock to print it on. My intention is to create a collection of these images, which will include a limited edition Christmas themed print. The ‘Popcorn Girl’ will soon be available as a limited edition print in my shop.