New Year, New You

It's been a busy few weeks and I've made a number of changes since my last blog post, back in December. As detailed in that previous post, I've been taking some time out since the new year, to experiment with the new screen printing set-up and the production of new artwork. The results of these experiments and the early outcomes have brought me to some decisions about the way forward with my work and with the Hand Drawn House project.

After I had been through a period of technical testing and ironing out some early teething problems with the screen printing process (exposure times, modifications to the printing table, finding the right paper stock and screen meshes etc.), I began to think about the artwork I wanted to produce. The drawings I've been producing have been leaning back toward the figurative work of my larger paintings and looking further forward, I eventually came to the conclusion that having two separate artistic endeavors, (under my own name and under the banner of Hand Drawn House), may eventually result in some confusion and conflict; if only for myself. 

From this point forward, I've therefore decided to collect all my work together - selected paintings under my own name and recent HDH works. The website and the Hand Drawn House domain have now become one (both addresses will navigate to the same website). For the time being, I have separated the work in the 'Portfolio' section of the website but from this point onward, there will be more coherence to the featured work, as I transition over to a single website.

I still feel it was necessary, to separate the Hand Drawn House project from my figurative work, as the typography work was more playful and conceived with a different audience in mind. Quite simply, it just seemed distinct from my other work. There has been some relief in bringing it all together however, as I was beginning to experience a blurring of identity, as I pursued both of my artistic ventures simultaneously. From this point forward, I envisage the influence of Hand Drawn House to be present in my work but in increasingly different forms. The incorporation of text into my figurative work, is certainly a direct response to my experiments with typography. In the spirit of re-branding, I've created a new logo for the website and in the next blog post will be sharing some of the processes I've been undergoing, as I produce my first prints from my new studio.